Call Definitions

Definitions from Callerlab

CALLERLAB is an international organisation of square dance callers

Click here to see the list of dance programs they have documented

Then select from the list the document you are interested in, eg Abbreviated Definitions Basic/Mainstream, to download it as a PDF file

Animations by Noriko Takahashi

These animations will show you how a move is done

Click here to go to the main page

Click here to see the list of Basic movements

Click here to see the list of Mainstream movements

Click here to see the list of Plus movements

Then click on the name of a movement to be taken to the animation page

Animations by Taminations

Taminations are the animations of the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club

Below are a few examples of Taminations (copyright 2016 by Brad Christie)

To play them click the Play button, to speed them up click the Fast button, to play them over and over again click the Loop button

To see animations of all square dance moves, or if you want to see the definitions explained alongside the animations, go to the Taminations website where you can click on one of the headings (eg Mainstream) to see a list of the moves, and you can then select a move to see the animation and the definition

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